Sale! ROLAN DWX-51D 5 - Axis Dental Milling Machine

ROLAN DWX-51D 5 - Axis Dental Milling Machine


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The DWX-51 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine is designed for effortless production of dental prosthetics. Built for precision, error free milling, you don’t need any machine expertise to operate it. With touch button controls and automated milling features, the production  of high quality bridges, crowns, inlays, onlays, abutments and other restorations out of 98 mm discs and blocks has been made virtually foolproof.

 Built toLast Distinguishing Features:

- 5 axis simultaneous operation for non-stop precision milling
- Sturdy and efficient ball screw-driven system
- New C-clamp for easy adjustment and alignment
- 10-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for continuous milling
- Powerful vacuum and anti-static ionizer for clean calibration and dust reduction

Ultimate Convenience and Ease of Use

A variety of new features ensure continuous, user friendly milling, including:

- Sturdy frame ensures stability, while slim design fits nearly any lab space
- Easy access tool drawer properly stores and protects tools
- Color-coded LED status lights signal current job progress
- Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) allows users to configure settings from their computer, send CAM data to the DWX-51D for production,

and track milling progress
- Easily accessible cutting area for simple tool replacement and cleaning.

DWX-51D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine Features
- Clean and Comfortable Operation
- Economical Open Architecture
- Connect Multiple Machines and Increase Production
- VPanel for Simplified Operation
- New C-Clamp for Quicker Set-Up
- 10-Station Automatic Tool Changer for Continuous Milling
- User Replaceable Spindle
- Progress and Error Alerts for Error-Free Milling
- 9 Pin-Type Material Adapter Included.

VITA Certified

VITA certifies the Roland DWX-51D for milling VITA ENAMIC

The DWX-51D is the only dry-milling system that, when equipped with our ZBD-100D-HY /50D-HY /30D-HY hybrid tools, is authorized to mill

VITA ENAMIC® and produce a full-range of dental prosthetics. Other material brands are also available for milling with the DWX-51D.


The DWX-51D is equipped to mill industry-standard discs and blocks of these and other popular materials.
- Zirconia
- Wax
- Composite resin
- Gypsum

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