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OLYMPUS BF-160 Video Bronchoscope

- Incorporates a compact, color chip CCD (built into the scope tip) to provide clearer and more-detailed images than previous Olympus models 
- Larger image display size for easier viewing without sacrificing image quality 
- Narrow 5.3mm diameter distal 
- Length of the insertion tube has been increased from 550mm to 600mm to improve insertion and maneuverability of the scope 
- Bending section angulation range of 180º UP/130º DOWN allows easier handling and maneuverability in the smaller distal airways 
- Fully insulated to provide compatibility with electrosurgery and lasers 
- Ergonomically designed control section and switch layout helps reduce operator fatigue 
- Standard accessories are the same as those for all Olympus bronchoscopes  

Optical System:
- Field of view: 120°
- Direction of view: 0°Forward viewing
- Depth of field: 3 to 100 mm
- Distal End Outer diameter: 5.3 mm

Insertion Tube:
- Outer diameter: 5.2 mm
- Working Length: 600 mm
- Total Length: 870 mm Bending Section
- Angulation range U/D: U180°/D130°

Instrumental Channe :
- Inner diameter: 2.0 mm
- Minimum visible distance: 3.0 mm
- High Frequency compatibility: yes

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