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Key Benefits: 
- Highresolution HDTV imaging capability provides the optimal image for a wide range of surgical procedures with both rigid and flexible endoscopes.
- Full support for the World’s First HIGH-DEFINITION Flexible Cysto-Nephro Videoscope, the CYF-VH, for a crystal clear view of the bladder and kidneys.
- Structure enhancement: an imaging processing technique that electronically emphasizes the detailed patterns and edges of an image to increase sharpness.
- Noise Reduction Technology reduces the appearance of noise on all Olympus Videoscopes.
- 1080p Video, DVI, HD-SDI, and analog video outputs provide flexibility to integrate Olympus with existing equipment without compromising performance.
- Patented Narrow-Band Imaging (NBI) is now brighter when compared to previous Visera models.

Product Specs OTV-S190:
- Power Supply
- Voltage: 120 - 240V AC; +10%
- Frequency: 50/60 Hz; +1 HZ
- Consumption Electric Power: 150 VA
- Size: Dimensions (W x H x D)     370 x 85 x 455 mm
- Weight: 8.8 kg

Video Signals:
- Video Format: NTSC, YPbPr & RGB
- SDTV Signal Output: VBS Composite, Y/C, HD-SDI, DVI, RGBs

- Narrow Band Imaging:When the light source (CLV-S190, CLVS40Pro, CLV-180) is connected to this instrument, Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) is available for use with compatible cameras and Videoscopes
- Remote Control: 1/8" Stereo Remote Jacks (2), Olympus Monitor Remote.

Image Capture:
- Media: USB Media MAJ-1925 (Olympus)
- Recording Format: TIFF: no compression, JPEG (1/5): approx 1/5, JPEG (1/10): approx 1/10
- Number of Images: TIFF: approx 115, JPEG(1/5): approx 500, JPEG (1/10) approx 1500

Product Specs CLV-S190:

- Power Supply
- Voltage: 120-240V AC; +10%
- Frequency: 50/60Hz; + 3HZ
- Consumption Electric Power: 500 VA

- Lamp: 300 W (Xenon)
- Lamp Life: Approx 500 hrs
- Ignition: Switching Regulator
- Brightness Adjustment: Light-path diaphragm control
- Cooling: Forced-air cooling
- NBI (Narrow Band Imaging): Available
- Emergency Lamp: Halogen 12 V, 35 W

Video System and Accessories:
- OTV-S190: VISERA ELITE HDTV Video Processor
- CLV-S190: VISERA ELITE 300W Xenon Light Source
- MAJ-1921: VISERA ELITE Keyboard
- MAJ-1925: Olympus 2GB USB Portable Memory
- MAJ-1957: VISERA ELITE Monitor/Printer Remote Cable
- MAJ-438: Remote Accessory Cable

Compatible Ancillary Devices:
- IMH-20: HD Video Recorder, Dual Channel, 500GB, Touch Screen
- IMH-10: HD Video Recorder, Single Channel, 320GB
- OEP-5: HD Medical-Grade Color Video Printer
- K10021612: WM-P2 Series Surgical Workstation w/Arm & Keyboard Tray

Compatible Videoscopes & Cameras:
- CYF-VH: HD Flexible Cysto-Nephro-Videoscope
- CYF-VHA: HD Flexible Cysto-Nephro-Videoscope with suction valve
- CYF-VHR: HD Flexible Cysto-Nephro-Videoscope with reverse angulation
- CYF-V2: Standard Definition Flexible Cysto-Nephro-Videoscope
- URF-V: Flexible Uretero-Reno Videoscope
- OTV-S7ProH-HD-L08E: HD Urology Lightweight Camera Head, 0.8 Zoom, Right Angle w/NBI
- OTV-S7H-1D-L08E: SD Urology Lightweight Camera Head, 0.8 Zoom, Right Angle
- OTV-S7ProH-HD-10E: HD Autoclavable Camera Head, 1.0x Zoom
- OTV-S7ProH-HD-12E: HD Autoclavable Camera Head, 1.2x Zoo

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