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- Optimized Scanning: Quick, high resolution scanning of gypsum and impression models. Single die: 50 sec (55 sec) Full model: 100 se (115 sec)

- High Resolution: 2 cameras (3 axis movements), 1.3 Mega Pixels
 Extremely Accurate: High accuracy: < 20 Microns
 Dental System Standard: Covers all basic dental indications, including
 copings, bridges, full contour crown and bridges, wax ups and

 3Shape's user-acclaimed 3D scanning for any lab
 The D500 is designed to provide powerful 3D scanning for any
 laboratory size and budget. With support for impression scanning
 capabilities, the D500 represents one of the market's most attractive
 entry-level investments.

 Your cost-efficient CAD/CAM soution
 The D500 compact dental scanners are built on 3Shape's leading
 scanning technologies and come with the range of dental indications
 provided in Dental SystemTM Standard.

 Ensure your future with this upgradable scanner
 The D500 scanner is upgradable to Dental System Premium for extending
 the range of available indications and widening your business scope.
 2 Cameras and 3-Axis Scanning
 The D500 is built with 2 cameras with reduced angles, which is
 required to effectively scan impressions and deep inlays. The scanner
 employs a unique 2 cameras and 3-axis motion system, which results in
 unrivaled accuracy in object geometry acquisition. The 2 cameras with
 reduced angle enables the D500 to effectively scan complicated
 geometries; areas where a single camera often will be blinded by the
 cavity. Two cameras also improve general coverage and accuracy.

 The impression scan can be applied directly in 3Shape DentalDesigner
 like any gypsum model scan and sets new standards for system
 applicability. In combination with DentalDesigner™ the new D500
 scanner brings unprecedented scan-to completed design time to the
 market for digital dentistry. attractive opportunities in terms of
 manufacturing cost, model creation speed and quality.

 The created virtual model – saved as STL – is sent to digital model
 making machines, which are currently evolving rapidly, driven by
 impression and intra oral scanners. Use either a 3D printer or a mill
 to produce casting patterns, or a milling machine with zirconia blocks
 to produce finished parts for direct implant.  A physical model can
 also be used to show the impression to the patient or dentist - to
 initiate client and lab communication - especially when scanning in
 the dentist's office..

- Scan time (Ready STL)
- Single die: 50 sec (55 sec)
- Full model: 100 sec (115 sec)
- Accuracy: < 20 microns, Consistently excellent fit on 14-unit bridges
- Dual Image Capture: 2 x cameras, 1 x laser
- Motion System: 3-axis: rotation, linear motion and tilting
- Interface: USB connection to PC and laptop
 Output formats: TL (open standard) and DCM
- Material color: Material color independent
- Standard scan indications: Copings, Bridges, Full Contour Crowns and Bridges, Waxups, Inlays/Onlays
- Regulatory conformity: CE, RoHS, FCC, FDA registered, WEEE
 Upgradable: To Dental System Premium enabling full range of indications

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