Scil Heska Arkray Spotchem 4430 EZ Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

Arkray Spotchem 4430 EZ

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HESKA / ARKRAY Spotchem EZ-4430 Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer.EZ Spotchem biochemical measurements performed easily withthe dry method and solid phase reagent.


    Heska Arkray SPOTCHEM EZ SP-4430 Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer
    Nozzle Maintenance Kit
    End To End Pipettes
    Protective Cover
    Cleaning Wire
    Tip Waste Container
    AC Adapter / Charger
    Power Cord
    Ethernet Cable
    User Manual On CD-ROM 
    Hard Carrying Case


  • Simpler than ever operation with built-in centrifuge.  Whole blood samples can be measured easily and promptly with build-in centrifuge for pretreatment
  • Automatic calibration is completed in a second.  By reading the "magnetic Card" attached to each test strip, variations among lots and changes with timing of test strips are automatically calibrated.  Now users are totally free from complication operation.
  • Measurement is so speedy.  Improvement of the sampling mechanism almost doubled the measurement speed at its maximum compared to the SP-4420.

The Spotchem EZ is a compact desktop system is used to measure all common components of blood chemistry and offers 19 different biochemical tests that are vital to veterinary medical diagnosis. The EZ Spotchem is simple to use and provides the veterinary practitionera high degree of accuracy, reliability and flexibility. Other features include a centrifugal sample processing incorporated in a test menuranging from 1-9 tests in a single cycle of the patient and the ability to carry out more than 60 tests per hour. Patient samples andreagents handling operation are minimal and requires no special training.

The Spotchem EZ is ideal for practices with one to three veterinarians, where the test is performed frequently by personnel withoutspecial training. This analyzer provides the veterinarian with the ability to bring superior quality and low-cost medical diagnostic clinic.This capability can increase pet health to a new level by making the cost-benefit analysis of blood chemistry in a standard componenttest a pet welfare.


Sample Serum, Plasma, whole blood (only Hb)
Reagent SPOTCHEM II Reagent Strip
Measurement Item Glu, UA, T-Cho, TG, BUN, T-Bil, Ca, TP, Ab, GOT, GPT, LDH, CPK, Hb, Amy, GGT, ALP, Cre, HDL-C, FRA, IP, Mg, Total Test Items: 22
Measurement Principle Oputical measurement of reflection intensity of reagent
Warm-up 10 Minutes (24C)
Processing Speed 63 Tests / H
Minimum Sample Volume 6x the number of measurement item +38uL: (Only when serum is distributed in sample tube). Min 250uL (When whole blood is distributed in a centrifuge tube)
Sample Consumption 4-6uL (per 1 measurement item) : Serum tube
Sample Container Whole blood : exclusive whole blood sample tube
centrifuge tube
serum, plasma : exclusive serum sample tube
Setting Sample 1 sample
Display 20 Digits x2 lines LCD (character display type)
Operator Panel Sheet Key
Calibration Calibration by magnetic card or calibration by kit
Data Store Volume For 100 Measurements
Printer 58mm width built-in thermal line printer (max 36 char /line)
Light Source LED+ Interference filter
Detector Silicon photodiode
Power Supply AC100-120V, 220-240V 50/60Hz (AC Adapter method)
External Output RS-232C interface, two-way transmission
Bar Code External hand-held type (RS-232C)
Measurement Conditions Temperature: 10-30, Humidity: 20-80% (with no condensation)
Dimensions 338(W) x 203(D) x 167(H) mm
Weight 5.4kg

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