Diode 808nm Laser Hair Removal Machine

Diode 808nm

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Diode 808nm Laser Hair Removal Machine,Freezing,Painless,Alternative IPL

808 diode laser  treatment principle:

Using thermal damage theory, the abundant melanin absorbs laser energy and the temperature rises rapidly, under this situation the hair follicle and hair shaft are damaged by thermal. At the same time, the oxygen supplying tissue surrounding the hair follicle’s stem cells is destroyed by the spreading heat energy. Thus hair regrowth is stopped permanently.

808 diod laser cure scope:
All kinds of hair on body! Such as hair on face, around lip area, beard, underarm, legs,breast, bikini area Etc.

Advantage of the machine:
Pain free and comfortable.
Slowly increase the temperature of the hair follicle by constantly moving the handpiece during treatment, the energy is delivered uniformly, and the patient feel comfortable.
Works with all skin types.
The high average power, low fluence, and high repetition rate, so that the energy is delivered safely for all skin types.Short treatment time.Enables you to treat backs and legs comfortably in only 30 minutes.Safe and conformableSapphire contact cooling provides protection of the epidermis with no risk of freezing and maximum comfort for the patient
before, during and after the treatme,

Technical specification:
- Type: High quality of 808nm semiconductor laser
- Wavelength: 808nm
- Laser: 10 bar
- Output power: 600w
- Output way: with treatment hand direct
- Pulse way: Pulse mode
- Spot size: 10*10mm square
- Pulse duration: Maximum 400ms
- Frequency: 1-10Hz
- energy density: Maximum 120j/cm2
- Working volt: AC220V±10%,50HZ,AC110V±10%,60HZ
- Cooling system: water cooling +wind cooling + semiconductor cooling
- Insurance Specifications: Max10A
- weight: 60kg
- Cooling: Contact cooling (-5C °-----5C °) adjustable
- Dimensions: 65×56×120cm

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