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Topcon KR 8000PA  Autokeratometer  Autokeratometer, Topographer

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The tri functional Topcon KR 8000PA  Autokeratometerr / Keratometer / Topographer combines an auto-refractor, an auto-keratometer, and a computerized color corneal mapping system all in a single, compact unit! This enables the Topcon KR-8000PA to provide three times the diagnostic capabilities in one-third the space, at a fraction of the cost of the individual instruments.
By implementing the Topcon exclusive rotary prism technology for the refraction portion of the measurement, the Topcon KR-8000PA Autorefractor Keratometer provides objective data that is unmatched in accuracy and reliability. Auto tracking and auto measurement enhance the ease of operation when using the Topcon KR-8000PA.

The Topcon KR-8000PA Autorefractor Keratometer also incorporates ten Placido rings for enhanced testing precision, providing corneal mapping measurements out to 10mm!

The Topcon KR-8000PA Autorefractor Keratometer also offers a 32-bit color mapping software system which enhances clinical evaluations with the output of highly accurate, full color corneal maps.

The Topcon KR-8000PA software offers an enlarged color map, tangential axial maps, sagittal maps, refractive and keratometric data, and peripheral keratometric maps. The Topcon KR-
8000PA also provides early phase detection of subclinical keratoconus as well as pre and post-op evaluation. The software on the Topcon KR-8000PA also features a new image overlay function, as well as a Multi-Map and Difference Map View, which display multiple image maps for easy comparison. The color mapping system on the Topcon KR-8000PA is an excellent patient education tool and is designed for use with the Topcon KR-7000P or Topcon KR-8000PA Auto Refractor/Keratometer. Windows 95/98/NT Compatible.

The color mapping software on the Topcon KR-8000PA also features a contact lens fitting module with adjustable parameters to view the contact lens fit on screen.

- Topcon’s exclusive rotary prism technology for enhanced accuracy
- Tri-functional instrument featuring auto refraction, keratometry and corneal mapping
- 10 Placido rings for enhanced testing precision
- Corneal mapping measurements out to 10mm
- Optional software kit for printing out detailed color corneal maps
- Accurate, reliable measurements down to a pupil size of 2.0mm
- Auto alignment
- Auto measurement
- Scenic fixation chart
- Topcon’s Omni-direction joystick provides one-handed fast, positive and responsive control.

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