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NIDEK US-4000 Echoscan Biometer


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Echoscan US-4000 Pachymeter from Nidek:

The Echoscan US-4000 Echoscan Biometer pachymeter is a three-in-One unit of B-scan, Biometer, and Pachymeter. No PC is required. The internal printer is used  for instant printout of B-scan image. It is tiltable 8.4-inch XGA color LCD for user-friendly operability. USB and LAN interfaces are used for easy data storage.

B mode:
Scanning 400 lines over 60° provides high quality images, which are essential for accurate analysis.
Using new algorithms, axial length measurements and IOL power calculations are performed twice as rapidly as the conventional model.
The pachymetry mode offers precise measurement of the corneal thickness within a ±5 μm error.
Internal printer:
B-scan image is easily printed with the internal thermal printer and can be attached to the patient's medical record sheet.

More precise, more comfortable, versatile and user-friendly. The US-500 model offers Biometry & optional Pachymetry. The US-4000 offers B-Scan, Biometry & Pachymetry:

- The EchoScan Ultrasonic A scan
Takes accurate axial length and corneal thickness measurements in either automatic or manual modes.
- The EchoScan Digital B scan
Available in combination with the A scan for maximum cost efficiency. Includes measurement and zoom functions for image analysis’

Features and Benefits:
- No PC required
- High Speed, High Accuracy Measurement
- Tiltable colour LCD touch screen
- Optional probe for corneal thickness measurement

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